I would like to get every one involved on a vote  for Friday night's supper.  We can have a Large BBQ unit for cooking. Thank you.
A vote on what you would like to bring for Saturday's potluck supper .  

Some left overs and if we have platters will be needed for a midnight snack.

If you need a place to prepare the dish you may use the kitchen in the hall upon availability . Of course there will not be enough space for a lot of people to cook in the kitchen. 

Thank you for your cooperation and meal donation to make this a meal to remember.
I thought this would help in deciding what we would like to have for suppers.  Please join in and vote. If you have another idea or an opinion you can private text, email me on the Contact Us Page.  Or make it live with Message Board Page.  
1) Friday nights supper vote
Hamburger BBQ and salad
Hotdogs/smokies BBQ or cook over the fire also salad
Fend for yourself
Any of the above will work for me
I will not be there on Friday
Fasting lol
2) Saturday's Potluck Donation
Potato Salad
Coleslaw Salad
Caesar Salad
Macaroni Salad
Spinach Salad
A Different Salad Then above

3) Saturday's Potluck Donation
Cabbage Rolls
Potatoes and Gravy
Scalloped Potatoes
Cooked Mixed Vegetables
something different then above
4) Saturday's Potluck Donation
Meat Balls
Beef Roast
Some type of chicken dish
Mushroom soup and pork chops
Some other meat dish

5) Saturday's Potluck Donation
Some type of noodle dish like KD or macaroni and tomatoes
Ham Boat
Meat and cheese platter
6) Saturday's Potluck Donation
Dessert bars
Home made cookies
Anything your sweet heart desires