If you clicked into here you are maybe intersted in donating something to the reunion fund.  This will help pay for things like the hall, meals and supples. Depending on how many RSVP and also how much the reunion fund grows, we may need a combo trailer with genset, light tower
, out houses and garbage bin.  It would be nice to have some left in the fund as well for the next reuion in 2021.   These things will be beneficial to everyone. Anything from five dollars to what ever your heart desires.   You can purchase a master card from 7 11 or walmart if that is more secure for you or send a check.  My address is in contact me.  I can add it to the fund on line.  You can also deposit into the reunion fund at the bank, for more info on that please contact me.  If you would like to donate when you arrive, you can see me for that.  We can all watch the fund grow on the thermometer  to meet our goal.  THANK YOU  FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATION.

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Goal: $ 3,000